Main Technical Features

Number of incineration lines 1
Waste supply rate to WtE plant  150 ton/day
Design thermal power 20 MW
Net calorific value of  solid waste 500 - 35,000 kJ/kg (7,000 average)
Net calorific value of  liquid waste 10,000 - 50,000 kJ/kg (28,000 average)
Turbine rated power (100% MCR)  5 MW
Power fed to distribution network (100% MCR) 3,5 MWe

Plant Configuration

Plant configuration

Plant configuration

Main Equipment

  • Waste storage bunker and furnace feeding system
  • Rotary Klin Furnace
  • Afterburning chamber
  • Horizontal boiler
  • Flue Gas cleaning
  • Steam turbine
  • Electric generator
  • Electrical distribution
  • Air-cooled steam condenser
  • Boiler feeding pumps
  • Auxiliaries system (compressed air, demi water, etc)
  • Distributed control system

The combustion system can treat solid waste with a very variable range of LHV, even chemically aggressive and with particular physical characteristics, such as high viscosity and abrasiveness.

However, in order to allow good combustion without the aid of an auxiliary fuel such as natural gas or diesel, necessary in the case of solids with a low LHV, it is necessary to use liquid high calorific waste fed in a burner.

Turn-key Facility Installation Proposal Includes

  • Design
  • Procurement and Expediting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Erection and Site Supervision
  • Test, Commissioning and Training

Overall Indicative Value: 40-50 M€